Privacy Policy

Expressions Learning Resources Private Limited (Expressions) does not share Users personal information with third parties unless they are acting under our instructions or are legally required to do so. Information collected via Our server logs includes (but not limited to) users' IP addresses and the pages visited; this will be used to manage our systems and enhance User experience. We may share certain information such as your location, browser and cookie data relating to the use of our service with our business partners to deliver required content purchased or to be accessed by you as well as to deliver advertisements (ads) that may be of interest to you. You personal details will not be shared however.

To enhance your user experience or help us improve our effectiveness, Expressions may embed code from third parties like Google, YouTube, Facebook etc. (non exhaustive list). These third parties may collect information about you including IP address, cookies etc. in ways that Expressions does not control. Please consult these third parties for more information on their Privacy policy.

In case of a Corporate user or a beneficiary under any Employability program logged in under a Corporate scheme we will be sharing your evaluation and progress with your sponsor unless you specifically prohibit us from doing so.