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About Expressions:

Expressions is a government-recognized start-up that has the support of angel investors from India and abroad. Expressions work in the fields of education and employability, especially for vernacular students.

Expressions offers a complete handholding solution to professional colleges and their students from various streams. Xpress Career Plus programmes prepare students for the most crucial skill of communication in English and help them understand the behavioural traits and skills of a professional career. We help colleges build their brand image by bringing great companies to your campus for the campus placement drive.

Expression uses cutting-edge Edtech technology to provide students with the best learning experience possible and to make learning more convenient. Our Smart Class provides the best learning experience both online and offline. While our Zoom Live classes are conducted by the best trainers, well trained in the art of online teaching,


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Our Executive Team​

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english institutions

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College’s Benefits

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Xpress Campus Placement Drive

It is designed to bring the country’s best employers to the campus. Team Expressions manages the entire roll-out of the process, so the college doesn’t need to involve its faculties in the job search. Students get the best offers and the college gains a marketing advantage through excellent student placements.

Process of Xpress Campus Placement Drive

Xpress Delivery Modes​

Format of Xpress Smart Class

This format allows you to learn English from well-known teachers in the country while still living in your city. Our expert teachers instruct you through a large LED screen in a Smart Class, and you can even see your classmates. You can get the best of both worlds by attending a physical classroom. This combination of online and physical learning eliminates the problem of network failure or data loss, ensuring that you also benefit from class interaction. You get to interact with teachers and your doubts are solved immediately.

Format of Live Class​

A live class is an interactive online learning platform where a group of 20 students join the session using the Zoom App. They can directly interact with the teacher in real time, seeking clarifications and resolving their queries on the spot. This one-to-one interaction significantly enhances the student’s understanding of the concepts being taught.

Xpress Studio

Expressions’ proprietary Learning Management System houses all of the Xpress study materials and teaching aids in one place. Xpress Studio grants you access to world-class content that becomes uniquely yours. Teachers will provide this content to ensure that you can confidently offer the best to your students.
Benefits of Xpress Studio:

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