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Education In Mother Tongue

“Education In Mother Tongue Will Increase Students’ Ability To Think, Reason, Analyse.
The new education policy, which has made fundamental changes, including laying emphasis on the mother tongue, will make India number one in the world in 25 years,” Amit Shah, Home Minister India (Source PTI, 24th Dec’22)

We at Xpressenglish are elated that the Hon. Home Minister श्री. अमित शाह has so well articulated the core philosophy of xpressenglish:
‘’सीखे English अपनी Primary (बोलती) भाषा से’’

Harnessing the power of our primary language will pave the way for empowered sociocultural behaviours. We believe that this ‘language disruption’ for social equity will require some enablers like:

+ Political will to make the primary language the means of education in formative years

+ Local language enabled smartphone & laptop keyboards that don’t require prior knowledge of English alphabets.
Globally, there are Chinese, Japanese, Korean, French, and German keyboards. We need to be there.

+ Recognise English as the ‘link language’ to the world.
Teach English as a ‘secondary’ Non-native language.
Follow the euro land example – essential, simple, no-frill communicative English for the masses

I, through @xpressenglish am invested in changing the language paradigm in भारत & am optimistic that the coming decade will see India as a socially developed society

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